All donations are greatly appreciate.  

Your donations are used to to help our dream of reducing dog bites, become a reality.

Kids Safe With Dogs is a charity (CC54137). Our aim is to have sponsors nationwide for all schools so that every child, and community, in New Zealand has access to our education programmes to keep them safe around dogs.

Our instructors are nationwide and their numbers are growing. Their job is so important, and they do it in such a fantastic way, that we believe they deserve to be paid for their time, effort and passion. 

We also believe it is essential that the children attending our interactive programmes receive fun and colourful information to take home with them, that they can then show off to their sibling and other family members.

We are in the process of setting up a donations page, but in the meantime if you would like to donate to our bank account the details are:

Account Name: Kids Safe With Dogs Charitable Trust
Account Number: 38-9018-0534714-00

If you require a receipt for your donation please email us or put your email address in the reference area.

Thank you so much!

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